I love walking. Sometimes – when I can – I take the time to go for a walk by myself. Today I needed to see nature and trees. I went to the park.

Walking is also a good self-massage. It caresses the internal organs, activates the joints and muscles of the legs, and makes the respiratory and circulatory systems happy.

At first glance, the park was just trees and grass. Where to go?

Then I focused on details. A stump of a tree trunk, cut during the last storm, was already beginning to throw out green shoots and leaves. Unstoppable.

While a daisy confused between winter and spring had nevertheless decided to make her appearance in the world.

The droppings of a dog, with the damp and frost of the night, were quickly covered by a radiant mold that made them look like a precious cocoon. Nature manages to cover anything and make it magical, even a dog’s poop. We will never be able to stop nature, despite trying in every way with pollution, fires, and buildings without regulations!

What to say? There was a raven flying in a circle, also enjoying its walk.


Photo by Maura