Each of our actions is like a drop that falls into the water and creates waves, ripples and sparks of lights.  

This Space of a Dream was created to offer breathing, movement, positive experience and relief to those who want to get better both physically and emotionally. Those who feel compressed by a pressing daily life.

Dreaming, breathing, moving, the arts and human values ​​are the most revolutionary weapons we have to counteract malaise.

This Space also wants to help people establish a daily habit of performing simple movements, breathing techniques, stretching exercises, self-massage techniques, physical activities and creative activities to improve psychophysical wellness. Everyone should have their own Space and Dream.

  • Maura GarauEducational Producer, Author, Writer, Founder of the Space of a Dream and the WellnessDayByDay project.
  • Frédérique Guern, Psychologist, Shiatsu Operator and Trainer, WellnessDayByDay project Consultant
  • Stefano Andrade, Martial Arts Teacher, Founder Pneumatraining®, WellnessDayByDay project Consultant



Maura Garau
Maura Garau

I have always been fascinated by Oriental disciplines, art and different languages and cultures.

I began my professional life as an art director.

In the meantime, I completed my university degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and continued to study various Oriental disciplines, from martial arts and meditation to shiatsu.

Since 1991 I have been working on educational projects.

I founded CyberItalian.com, a website dedicated to teaching the Italian language and culture via the Internet, because I believe humanistic values should be promoted and disseminated all over the world.

I created this Space of a Dream, the WellnessDayByDay.com project and wrote the book Your Renaissance because I believe that in order to improve the world, we must first begin with ourselves.

I define myself as an Educational Producer because through my projects, studies and researches, I want to give a true meaning to the word “educare” (to educate, from the Latin “ex-ducere”, to bring out). The best educational project is the one that allows each person to express (bring out) the best of him/herself.

I would like to inspire people to develop the potential and talent that everyone possesses, and to live a creative and healthy life.


I want to thank my teachers of Oriental disciplines for how they have helped me to grow and understand that wellness is an essential part of our life and cannot be postponed nor underestimated.

  • Sensei Elliot Zgodny, back in 1990 in New York, was a great karate teacher and the first to show me that Martial Arts is also about healing and that besides the physical training we must study, cultivate and practice the energy aspect. He opened a World for me.
  • To better understand what the energy aspect was, I also began studying shiatsu with Ohashi Sensei.
    I remember that, in his first lesson, Ohashi Sensei showed us the Japanese ideogram for the word “Man”. Being short he called one of his tall pupils, they leaned one against the other miming the ideogram and then Ohashi said, “Here, I represent the smallest sign of the ideogram, my student is the largest. We are two men supporting each other, there is a relationship. If we separate ourselves suddenly, we fall.”

The concept of “Man” is that of a human being who knows they are not alone, and knows how to relate to other beings, to the world around them and to the Universe.

The path to the energy aspect, and how it applies to our being and to the world around us, became increasingly mysterious and fascinating for me.

  • I continued to study and had the privilege of being inspired by quality teachers: Gabriella Poli, Giovanna Ipsevich, Anna Christa Heindrich, Klaus Metzner, Peter Itin, Eva Maria Schulte, Cliff Andrews, Pauline Sasaki, Dianne Connelly. They all helped me to experience what it means to integrate our body, mind and spirit, to develop a vision beyond what we see and to feel the energetic movement beyond muscles, tendons and bones.
  • At the same time, the great rigor and depth of the teaching of Sensei Paolo Taigō Kōnin Spongia presented me with the opportunity to understand how each of our actions must be direct – here and now – the result of a unified and sincere mind and body.
  • The generosity of the teaching and the knowledge of Master Stefano Andrade continually bring me back to the importance of our daily wellness and relaxation, so that we can move with clarity, efficiency and a great and compassionate heart.

I also want to thank my art teachers for how they have helped me understand that beauty and “uselessness” are an essential part of our human life and cannot be underestimated.

  • The Benedictine monk Bonifacio O.S.B. (Lorenzo Salice) from the monastery of San Pietro di Sorres in Sardinia, who – having being an art student of Giorgio Morandi – taught to me the rules of perspective and painting.
  • Professor Barboro from the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan, who made me understand that even a simple typeface contains a soul and a story (Bodoni for example).
  • Mary Dinaburg, for the time she has dedicated me to discussing art and teaching me to observe an artwork.
  • Gregory Amenoff and Jerry Saltz who taught me not to be afraid of anything during my Painting Studio Residency at the School of Visual Arts in New York.
  • Milli Gandini for sharing with me her great vision of art and including me as an artist in her exhibitions in Milan at the time of Spazio Anfossi.

From every teacher, in one way or another, I have learned that we must practice every day, not so much to live, but to live well and with high quality.


I want to thank the following photographers who have kindly allowed the use of their images:

  • Alex Bertha for the beautiful picture in the homepage and in the video cover, with the woman looking at the sea and the horizon.
  • Fabiana Rizzi because her seagulls are stimulating and full of energy.
  • Jean Wimmerlin because he reminds us that we have to practice daily, and several times a day, as felines do.
  • Bolun Yan for the powerful rising sun, to support our Renaissance.
  • Herbert Goetsch because we are drops in the ocean of life.
  • Humphrey Muleba for the beautiful leaf that makes us think that every contact can branch out in many directions.
  • Zach Reiner for the strong tree root that defines our privacy policy and terms.