Wellness does not exist.

This is a provocative statement to say that wellness is not a definite object that one can buy.
It is not an immutable status.

Wellness is a continuous search. Every day we are different, every day we should seek our wellness through a myriad of small actions that can help us find our balance. Despite the events that sometimes may be against us. We should find the best possible balance for any situation we are in.

When time presses, work accumulates, commitments scream, the body aches, people call us… coffee breaks are no longer enough. Neither is one hour at the gym twice a week.

The break becomes a deep breath.

Many breaks, many deep breaths.

The pause becomes a moment to stretch our back. Creating space within our self. In our body as well as in our mind.

Everyday. Many times a day. We begin to create a habit of wellness.

Let’s think about felines. How many times they stretch during the day. We learn from them.

“I have no time. I forget” …

Let’s set an alarm clock. Let’s use a reminder. Let’s find the time. Let’s find the way.
Let’s go find our body before our body comes to look for us.

The research for daily wellness exists. And it starts with a deep breath and creating space inside our body and mind.


Picture courtesy of Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash