Master Stefano Andrade, martial arts teacher*, kindly suggested the following relaxation exercise.

“During my many years of teaching, I have been able to observe that most of my students, even those who are athletic and muscular and work specifically on their body, have much accumulated tension that does not allow them to achieve the full extension of their movement. I have therefore integrated many relaxation exercises into the initial part of my lessons. What I propose here is a very simple and basic exercise that can be done at any time of the day and anywhere, when you realize you have physical or emotional tension, and you need to relax. It is a visualization exercise, in which you imagine having your own double close by. Yes exactly, a copy of yourself, near you.”

The first time you do the exercise, if possible, start by lying down because it is easier:

  • Imagine your double – the exact copy of yourself – near you.
  • Imagine your double completely relaxed.
  • How is your body relaxed? How does it breathe? Is it smiling?
  • There are no more recurring thoughts. The jaw is soft. Eyes relaxed. Breathing is slow.
  • Imagine entering this relaxed body of yours. The effect is immediate.
  • Feel your muscles soften. The breathing calms down and becomes deeper.
  • Enjoy this beautiful feeling of relaxation.
  • Continue the visualization exercise: bring back your “relaxed double” back inside of you.
  • You are a Whole. Maintain your state of relaxation and continue your day calmly.

*Maestro Andrade is also an expert in massage therapy and other forms of treatment. He is the founder of Pneumatraining®, specialized in optimizing movement and breathing for the enhancement of athletes’ performance, the reduction of tensions and the management of anxiety.


Photo courtesy of Hiva Sharifi on Unsplah