Every now and then, if I have a major concern about some work I am doing or other aspects of my life, the image of a puffy sparrow comes to my mind and I recall the following words:

Look at the birds of the sky: they do not sow, reap or harvest in barns… So do not be anxious about tomorrow, because tomorrow will take care of its own. Each day carries its own weight.

I found these verses interesting because they express the uncertainty of our fragile lives where it is easy to get anxious and worried. Payments, work, health, schedules, traveling, affections, loneliness …

Animals exude the beautiful quality of living in the present. With a total presence of unified body and mind.

The sparrow in this photo has puffed up its feathers to keep warm while the frost covers the branches of a bare tree. It does not seem agitated by the thought of what it will eat for dinner. It seems calm, in total acceptance of what life offers. It does what there is to do. At this time, keeping warm and looking around. Serene. Centered. It is not disengaged or careless. On the contrary, it knows that the action and troubles of each day are enough. And it only takes care of those.

Taking care of each moment and of what there is to do at that moment, prepares the best possible future, in the flow of life and universe. The sparrow has not studied but it seems to know it.


Picture by Pixabay on Pexels