How sweet is this old lady? Sunk in a velvet armchair, between wool sweaters, cushions and blankets for the winter or summer cold, she is intent on inserting the thread in the eye of the needle, still without glasses.

Sewing. Darning. “I feel useful in this way.”

Nobody wants to see old age. They consider it ugly. But old age has a lot of beauty and sweetness in it, if you welcome it and accompany it.

Taking care of an elderly parent means accompanying them gently in a very delicate phase of their life. Fragile and vulnerable. It reflects our fragility and vulnerability.

And the dialogues sometimes become surreal, because these very sweet beings have already gone beyond, beyond good and evil, but they always have a logical thread and a profound philosophy. “We are only passing by here.”

101 Zen Stories | – Adelphi Edizioni

The cat loves to stay with granny

Picture 1and 3 by Maura
Picture 2 by Cecilia Garau