Feet. The great forgotten ones. They support us and help us every day. They carry our weight and take us wherever we want.

Sitting, bend your right leg and bring your foot towards you: massage your right foot. Note the line along the arch, where the foot “changes color” between the upper and lower parts. Apply pressure along the line of the arch. At the center of the foot, there is point 1 of the Kidney energy channel. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is a very beneficial point for restoring psychophysical balance. Apply pressure on Kidney 1. On the top of your foot, follow the space between your toes. Knead and massage the whole foot. Breathe.

Stop and “listen” to your right foot where you have applied pressure. Do you feel any difference between the right foot and the one you haven’t yet worked on?

This moment of self-listening is very important: we should always listen to our body speaking to us. Self-listening should become a normal and daily routine. If we get into the habit of listening to our body correctly, our body will guide us because it contains its own wisdom.

Repeat the self-massage on your other foot. Listen to your body. Breathe.

Now, how do you feel?
What kind of mood are you in right now?
Do you feel better than before?

Continue your day with the feeling that your feet, being light, support you firmly and are grateful for the care you have given them.

Create Space in Your Life and in Your Body!

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Video cover-photo courtesy of Alex Bertha on Unsplash
Music: Eternal Structures courtesy of Asher Fulero on Youtube

Picture of shoulders courtesy of Min An on Pexels

If you have any doubt or particular physical condition, please contact your doctor before doing the self-massage.