Arms and elbows are heavily involved in many of our activities.

The video shows a simple and short shiatsu technique for when you need to relax your arms (for example, if you have worked too long at the computer or have carried something heavy). This technique is so “discreet” that you can also perform it in the office, at your desk.

Take a deep breath and hug yourself. With the hand opposite your shoulder, bring pressure to the “seam area of the shirt sleeve”. Feel if there is any point that “calls your attention” and that would be happy to receive pressure. Slide your hand down your arm. Feel if there are points in the elbow area there are points that might enjoy some pressure. Slide down your arm, past your elbow. On the tip of the muscle, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will find point 10 of the Large Intestine energy channel. This is a slightly sensitive point, sometimes painful. Let’s begin to distinguish between a pain that hurts and a pain that releases tension. Pressing and stimulating Large Intestine 10 helps you relax. Slide your hand along your arm again and put pressure on another point of the wrist. This point, along the energy channel of the Pericardium, will help the psychophysical balance.

Stop and “listen” to the arm where you have applied your pressure. Do you feel any difference between this arm and the one you haven’t yet worked on?

This moment of self-listening is very important: we should always listen to our body speaking to us. Self-listening should become a normal and daily routine. If we get into the habit of listening to our body correctly, our body will guide us because it contains its own wisdom.

Repeat this self-massage on the other arm. Listen to your body. Breathe.

Now, how do you feel?
What kind of mood are you in right now?
Do you feel better than before?

Continue your day with the feeling of having light and supple arms.

Create Space in Your Life and in Your Body!

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Video cover-photo courtesy of Alex Bertha on Unsplash
Music: Eternal Structures courtesy of Asher Fulero on Youtube

Picture of arms courtesy of Polina Tank on Pexels

If you have any doubt or particular physical condition, please contact your doctor before doing the self-massage.