The back is the supporting axis of our body. We are responsible for our back. We must give it some relief and keep it strong. Always respecting our body and our state.

Every morning as soon as I wake up, I do the following exercise on the bed (I have a rigid, memory foam mattress) but sometimes I also do it during the day, on a mat, while lying on the ground.

Some people say that it is not a good idea to do abs or back exercises on the bed. From my point of view, it is better to do them on the bed than not to do them at all. When you have a busy life, loosening your back as soon as you wake up, is a cure-all.

Bring your knees to your chest and swing to the right and left. Feel that you are massaging your back and spine. Breathe.
Slowly start to stretch your legs when you are on your side so as to extend the movement.
Feel your spinal column relax. Breathe.

Feel your spinal column “unwinding” and massaging itself.
To deepen the stretching turn your head to the opposite side when you extend your legs.
Always bend your knees as you pass from one side to the other so as not to create stress in the lumbar area.

This massage is also for the knees and abs!

Do not do this exercise if you feel any pain. Always listen to your body and its specific needs.
At some point, you will discover that there are no rigid instructions for self-massage because it is your body that will tell you what it needs, what it likes and what it doesn’t. If everything feels all right, keep swinging and exploring your back.

Of course, if you are in the office you may not be able to lie on the ground. Try this alternative: sit near the edge of your chair, spread your legs and slowly bend forward in between your legs, letting yourself be carried downwards by the weight of your head. Be careful not to fall forward. Feel your spinal column relaxing. Breathe. Then rise slowly, unroll each vertebra one at the time.

Now, how do you feel?
What kind of mood are you in right now?
Do you feel better than before?

Continue your day with the feeling of having a free and supple back.

Create Space in Your Life and in Your Body!

For more information on self-massage, see here


Video cover-photo courtesy of Alex Bertha on Unsplash
Music: Eternal Structures courtesy of Asher Fulero on Youtube

Picture of back courtesy of Cristina Gallego on Unsplash

If you have any doubts or a particular physical condition, please contact your doctor before doing any self-massage.