A dear friend and artist, Jeff Moriber, has recently sent me one of his artworks: Returning the Favor.

This beautiful print made me think immediately of some words a dear teacher of mine, Sensei Paolo Taigō Kōnin Spongia, said on different occasions:

“…A lifetime of practice is not marked by extraordinary gestures, but by the subtle everyday heroism that faces every day inertia and fear, animated by the feeling of gratitude which requires to return an inextinguishable debt…”

I find the concepts of inextinguishable debt and returning the favor very interesting in order to grow and maintain a strong and compassionate heart.

A strong heart helps us face the many difficulties of life, and a compassionate heart allows us not to become hard and insensitive due to the hardships we can experience.

Taking care of the big and small things, of the present moment, of the inside and of the outside… this is also returning the favor.

And the following print, very delicate in spite of the strong traits, is another gift Jeff gave to all of us, reminding ourselves to always make a wish.

Thank you Jeff!

Make a Wish by Jeff Moriber, 2011, Lino Print, Oil Paint on Rice Paper