The famous Leonardo da Vinci loved puzzles, games combining intellect and intelligence, and used the elements of his paintings to play with the viewer, in a sort of complicit challenge.

While writing the book Your Renaissance I too thought about playing and within each chapter, while telling particular stories from the life of Renaissance artists and exploring details of their works, I have HIDDEN the functions of the energy channels (or meridians). According to many disciplines (from Traditional Chinese Medicine to Shiatsu, from Qi Gong to Kung Fu …), these channels run through the human body and help to keep it healthy and balanced in all its aspects, from physical to emotional, from mental to spiritual. Each energy channel is connected to an internal organ of our body.

Energy channels (meridians) map


The blue line, which runs from the shoulder along the arm and reaches the thumb, represents the energy channel of the Lung (LU)

For example, the blue line shown in the above image is the lung energy channel, connected to the lungs and to their physiological function of taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. A movement of taking in and letting go.

The lungs are also connected to the skin, which also performs a silent but continuous taking-and-letting go movement. It receives the external agents, becoming the first barrier for harmful ones, and it releases toxins. In fact, it is said that the skin also breathes and it is strongly influenced by the quality of our breath.

On a mental level, the energetic function of the lung meridian can be to tidy up a room, give away the things we no longer use and make room for a new organization of the same room.

On an emotional level, it can be a separation from a loved one. A profound pain that we have to process in order to later open ourselves up to new possibilities that life offers us.

On a spiritual level, the energetic function of the lungs can be letting go of our subjective vision to welcome a more serene, lucid and objective vision of certain situations in our life, facing them by breathing, accepting them (not to be confused with approving of them) and acting instead of re-acting.

This whole process is contained in the simple action of one breath.

Nobel scientist Max Planck, the founder of quantum physics, and the great Albert Einstein, agreed that matter, both living and inanimate, is energy.

So if we accept the fact that we live in an “energy system” (universe, world, living and inanimate matter, atoms…) we can imagine that the energy of our system can be expressed in many different ways and with many different functions.

Chinese ideogram of the word Ki = energy. It represents a pot in which rice boils (matter, solid energy) and the steam that comes out (gas, transformed and rarefied energy)

Therefore, the functions of the energy channels are some of the many aspects with which energy is expressed.

Recently, New Energy Work, an online resource for Shiatsu and Energy Work professionals, which offers online courses and regular live webinars, has invited me to present the book Your Renaissance and to share its “secrets”.

Watch the webinar video to find out more (the presentation is in English and Italian) and join me in doing the exercise I propose (at minute 41.20 of the video) for rebalancing our energy functions.

PLEASE NOTE: when you move – please – listen to your body and respect its needs. If some movements are difficult, go very slowly, if you notice some aches and pains, avoid the movements that cause them. Breathe deeply and consciously as you move.

Thanks to Cliff Andrews, founder of New Energy Work, for organizing the webinar.

Read Your Renaissance introduction and chapter 1:


During the pandemic, New Energy Work decided to offer all of its courses online for free. It is funded 100% by donations to support the worldwide Shiatsu community and to inspire all people who need a moment of pause, reflection and work on body-mind-spirit.

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Image of the meridians and the ideogram of Qi courtesy of Wikipedia