Legs, knees and ankles are very much affected by sedentary positions or when you stand for a long time. They are often fatigued and swollen.

Start by rotating your ankles. Never hesitate to rotate your ankles whenever you can or feel the need. While working or watching TV or whenever possible, rotate your ankles in one direction and the other.
Switch to the knee. Imagine you are “making a sandwich” with your knee by placing one hand on the kneecap and the other under the knee, in the popliteal fossa, which is the shallow hollow you find at the back of the knee joint. Using your fingers put pressure on the popliteal fossa. If you want, explore your patella or kneecap gently looking for points that might benefit from pressure from your fingers. Breathe.

Placing your palm obliquely on the kneecap, where the tip of the middle finger falls, under your knee, towards the side of your leg, you will feel there is a more sensitive point on the ridge of the tibia. This is point 36 along the Stomach energy meridian. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, stimulating Stomach point 36 strengthens the body. It is said that when samurais went into battle they applied a grain of rice on that point, with bands that allowed them to maintain a constant pressure for as long as possible, to increase their strength.

Beware of excessive stimulation. Always use your common sense and never overdo it. Treat your body with the greatest care and respect.

Again, apply pressure along the Stomach meridian, along the whole leg. This can aid digestion. Find out if there are other points on your leg that could benefit from pressure from your fingers.

Stop and “listen” to the leg where you have applied your pressure. Do you feel any difference between this leg and the one you haven’t yet worked on?

This moment of self-listening is very important: we should always listen to our body speaking to us. Self-listening should become a normal and daily routine. If we get into the habit of listening to our body correctly, our body will guide us because it contains its own wisdom.

Repeat this self-massage on the other leg, including your ankle and knee. Listen to your body. Breathe.
If possible, shake your legs.

Now, how do you feel?
What kind of mood are you in right now?
Do you feel better than before?

Continue your day feeling how your legs, knees and ankles feel light. If you are sitting or standing too long, always remember to help your legs and ankles by twisting and shaking them.

Create Space in Your Life and in Your Body!

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Video cover-photo courtesy of Alex Bertha on Unsplash
Music: Eternal Structures courtesy of Asher Fulero on Youtube

Samurai image courtesy of Library of Congress on Wikipedia
Legs picture courtesy of Thabang Mokoena on Unsplash

If you have any doubt or particular physical condition, please contact your doctor before doing the self-massage.