The Tora Kan Dojo is a school for the study and practice of traditional GoJu-Ryu Karate-Do and Zen meditation. In the outskirts of Rome, among gray buildings, anonymous streets and forgotten clearings, one would not imagine finding such a school. It brings light to many young and adult students.
Street kids, abandoned to themselves, have found a guide in the Dojo school, and have become sensible human beings, free to express themselves in the best way.
The great Master Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, promoted education as he believed it would be the salvation of the world.

Often times, after reading the daily newspaper or listening to the news, we feel a sense of heaviness and sadness. We wonder what world we are living in. It seems that there are never-ending crises, violence after violence. We wonder what kind of careless people populate the world.

Well, let’s not forget that even though they do not appear in the news, many caring people are doing good things for the planet. Ordinary people, through small or big projects, contribute to the world in a positive way. Everyone with their own talent and skills.

No project is too small if it is created and managed with a sincere heart. With no egoism nor unconscious unresolved problems.

Let’s contribute to the wellness of the planet. Even one small action is important.


Picture by Maura